Argos pet insurance website


The home of happy pets

Redesign the Argos Pet Insurance website, to drive more online sales, as well as give existing customers a reason to come back to help improve renewals
Argos had a good insurance product but it was hard to find the benefits online, and once customers had their quote they rarely came back
We redesigned the site, making it easier to use and introduced a blog with actual cats and dogs as the authors of articles, creating a real point of difference and driving engagement

By looking at the customer journey we were able to create a new sitemap and wireframes that answered customers needs and drove more online quotes. To improve traffic we introduced a 'why insurance page', which gave an unbiased view on the pros and cons of insurance. This page was used by both pet charities and vets, helping improve our reach. By including videos of the call centre team talking about their pets, we could show the people behind the product. And in UX testing the website scored 89% ( 70% being the target)


As part of the strategy to engage with customers, we developed a new blog were the authors of articles where actual dogs & cats. Picking dogs and cats with personality traits that fitted their blog categories. The blog was split into two. ‘We talk cat’ and ‘We talk dog’ sections let customers self select. Giving customers a more relevant experience and helping position Argos Pet insurance as experts in both cats & dogs